Half Yearly FY13 one liners

Half yearly reports are rolling out and I'm having a read like everyone else. There's not much for me to elaborate on, apart from some quick one liners on a few companies I took notice...

Cash Converters (ASX:CCV) - $1.30
Booming. Great result across the board and putting raised funds to new store acquisitions - which will offset dilution and then some. A quality company that is still displaying value.

Credit Corp Group (ASX:CCP) - $9.60
Workman like. Chugging away. Increased ledger purchases will underpin FY14/15. Though US business is slow, profitability should be kicking in around then also.

Forge Group (ASX:FGE) - $6.18
Stunning. Though visibility of future order book and revenue seem to be less clear than previous years.

Energy Action (ASX: EAX) - $3.23
Underwhelming. Top line growth, but increased in costs made the result flat. And dilution make EPS negative. Not cheap either. Have sold.

Ecosave (ASX:ECV) - $1.39
Lumpy. From an outsider it looks as though there is a possibility of missing the bullish prospectus forecasts. Have since decided to watch from the sidelines.

Disclosure: At the time of publishing, I own shares in CCV and CCP.