The Hard Right Thing

The German based sim racing peripheral company Endor AG (E2N.MU and E2N.SG) is one of the larger positions in my portfolio. Over the past several years, the company through the Fanatec brand has created its own market in the premium end of the sim racing space, with a market share by revenue now similar to peers Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI) and Guillemot (GUI.PA).

Advance Nanotek Leading Indicators

Advance Nanotek (ASX:ANO) is a materials company predominately manufacturing zinc oxide powder and dispersions that are commonly used in sunscreens and cosmetics. Zinc-based mineral sunscreens are gaining popularity due to heightened awareness of sun damage, increased scrutiny of chemical sunscreen filters including environmental concerns, allergic responses and unknown long-term health impacts. Zinc-based products are historically associated with a strong white-cast when applied to skin which is often undesirable. Modern formulations however are cosmetically appealing, leaving...

A look at Credit Corp's maintenance capex

Last week's post was a fun exercise in applying linear regression in predicting reported profits for the Consumer Lending segment of Credit Corp Group (ASX:CCP). The opportunity with predicting and capitalising on large profit/guidance upside surprises - as was the case with the release of the FY16 results - is over because in recent years management have set clear expectations in advance.

Predictions with machine learning: Credit Corp's Consumer Lending

Four years ago, Credit Corp Group (ASX:CCP) was a difficult company to hold. Although the core Aus/NZ debt purchasing business was doing well, there were significant headwinds. Increased competition was causing prices to rise and returns to decline. Also being the largest player in a mature market, one could also foresee that growth would likely become supply constrained.

Revisit: Reverse engineering Credit Corp's consumer lending

This is a follow up to my attempt at predicting the reported profit for Credit Corp Group's (ASX:CCP) consumer lending business: Reverse Engineering Credit Corps Consumer Lending. Please read it if you haven't, otherwise the rest of this post won't make sense.

Reverse engineering Credit Corp's consumer lending

Credit Corp Group (ASX:CCP) reported FY16 results and put in another predictable performance that's slightly above the last guidance.

Software will bite at Telcos

Megaport Limited (ASX:MP1) is tech entrepreneur Bevan Slattery's 4th and latest IPO. Its ASX listing occurred on 16th December 2015, raising $25m in the process to fund a global expansion.

No Country for Old Banks

International Money Transfer (IMT) services are all about transferring money from one country to another, often doing a currency conversion in between. The vast majority of this happens between banks, and in most cases the process is complicated, expensive, time-consuming and not a good experience. For those interested on understanding why this is so, I'd highly recommend reading Erin McCune's insightful article There Is No Such Thing As An International Wire.

Credit Corp's consumer lending well on the way

Credit Corp (ASX:CCP) reported FY14 results on the 5th of August coming in at the top of the outlook range to wrap up another strong year of earnings growth.

Credit Corp HY14 Update

Credit Corp Group (ASX:CCP) released its HY14 report and presentation on Thursday last week. Underlying revenue up 25% against the comparable previous half to $84.1m Underlying NPAT up 18% to $17.2m Underlying EPS up 17% to 37.4cps Dividend per share for the half is 20cps, up 25% against the underlying DPS of 16cps These are all "underlying" figures as this time last year the company had a favorable once-off legal settlement that boosted the bottom...